To Begin With…

To begin with,


Welcome to my site! This is a little place where I’m going to share my thoughts, feelings, faith, and experiences. I must say, I’m quite excited to truly be consistent with my postings.

For those of you who don’t know, I did have a blog a few months ago, yet the amount of times I wrote on it is quite a pitiful number. I still wrote often on my own – every night, really. I viewed writing as my get away that was not to be shared with others, because a majority of the things I wrote about were between God and I, and I was pleased with that routine.

In all honesty, the things I write about now are still intentionally between God and I. I enjoy keeping it to myself because when push comes to shove publicizing faith can be  extremely uncomfortable – dare I say that the feeling is inevitable. Nevertheless, I came to the crippling conclusion that the continuous discomfort I felt when sharing my faith meant that I wasn’t supposed to,  that God had no desire for me to publicize the things I wrote.I found myself having internal battles, debating whether or not I should write, post, publicize anything – I was completely submerged in doubt, under impression that my writing impacted no one, not even myself.

As I write this now, I still feel myself holding back, telling myself that I shouldn’t be testifying my faith publicly through writing (which contradicts what we’ve been called to do). But there’s also God, who continuously tells me, “This is another opportunity for you to show others who I am, take it.”

So, here I am, taking action despite discomfort. I’d continue to ramble on about this matter, but I suppose it’d be quite repetitive; I could give you 1000 reasons as to why sharing faith is difficult or uncomfortable, but those reasons are to be compared to the dust beneath your feet – for there is one reason that overcomes all doubt: He saw humanity and said, “You’re worth it”, then died for us so that we could be given second chance upon second chance.

Why not tell other’s about that?

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!” –Psalm 34:8



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